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Welcome to The Functional Podiatrist  

'We strive to bring premium care to everybody; whether it is a corn or long-standing knee and low back pain, we help to get you moving pain-free'

  • Professional  podiatric care

  • Conveniently located inside POOLS IN THE PARK facility with easy access to onsite parking

  • Situated just a 4-minute walk from Richmond Station, pass through the Pools reception and we are on the left 

  • Immaculate and well-equipped facilities

  • Includes a fully equipped gym for comprehensive rehabilitation exercise programs

  • Collaborates closely with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Doctors, and Surgeons

  • Treats a range of people from children through to older adults and professional athletes; we have you covered



At The Functional Podiatrist we treat a wide range of foot, ankle, and lower limb conditions:

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Advanced Gait Analysis

Gait or Biomechanical assessment is a complex analysis of your walking and running pattern …


Heel Pain/Plantarfasciitis

There are many injuries that occur around the heel. It is essential to see your podiatrist get correctly ...


Foot Orthotics / Medical insoles

These medical devices are is prescribed to be fitted within shoes to reduce foot, ankle, or lower limb pain…

Ingrown Toenails/Nail Surgery

Are very common and can be managed by appropriately cutting, shaping, and training the nail …


Chiropody/Medical Pedicure 

Provides a thorough removal of calluses, nails, and corns, leaving your feet looking and feeling rejuvenated

Verruca Needling 

This is a painless procedure aimed at promoting the body's own immune system & has ~69% rate of success with one needling....



Verrucae are the wart viruses (HPV virus). These commonly occur on the feet and can be treated...

Musculoskeletal Injections

such as Steroid or Ostinel offer targeted relief, swiftly alleviating pain and promoting healing in a variety of orthopedic and joint conditions including the knee.....

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Childrens Podiatry

Kids' active feet endure 3x stress of adults' due to constant movement and continue to grow up until...

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Strength & Conditioning

Detailed progressive mobility, strength and movement pattern program to address underlying issues...

Gait Retraining 

Gait retraining involves modifying a person's walking or running pattern to improve their biomechanics, reduce pain, and prevent future injuries.....

Nail Fungus 

Onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection that affects the toenails. It can cause nails to become discolored, thickened, brittle, and distorted, eading to.... 

For self-paying clients or those with private medical insurance coverage, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our full price list can be found here.

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William Joyce

William Joyce is a New Zealand-qualified podiatrist with a postgraduate qualification in Podiatric Medicine and extensive experience in walking, running and movement mechanics, Podopaediatrics (children's podiatry)nail surgery, specialist verruca treatment,  injection therapies, Strength and Conditioning programming, and many other areas of Podiatry. Since graduating from the Auckland University of Technology, William has worked in private multi-disciplinary health clinics treating professional footballers from Manchester United and Manchester City as well as elite Rugby players, International track and field athletes, and Red Bull athletes.

William is a firm believer in a holistic approach to the management of lower limb-related injury/pathology and understands the importance of addressing the factors that lead to the development of the injury. In order to prevent its recurrence he incorporates bespoke strength and conditioning with movement pattern retraining to bring a comprehensive approach to his screening and treatment. He produces the quality orthotics and shoe supports whilst striving to improve foot and leg mechanics and has a specialist interest in running and sport-related biomechanics.

He previously rowed competitively at an elite level, representing New Zealand at the World Championships and in his time off now enjoys competing in triathlons (up to Iron Man distance), yoga, climbing, and surfing.

Keeping up with the latest technologies, developments and treatment protocols in the podiatry and medical field is a prime focus. Willam has completed post-graduate research with it being published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.

Yoni Hochberg

Yoni is an Australian qualified podiatrist, with experience in both public healthcare systems and private podiatry practices. During his career, he has focused on three key areas including musculoskeletal, high risk foot care and patient rehabilitation. Across these workplaces, Yoni has developed expertise across many areas in the podiatry field including patient injury assessments, gait analysis, orthotic design and production, Specialist footwear recommendation, ingrown nail conservative and surgical care, verruca treatment and diabetic foot care. Across all these areas of specialty, he has placed patient centred care as his highest priority.


Outside of work, Yoni is an avid avid athlete (running, trail running, hiking, football, touch rugby, rock climbing,cycling) and has prioritised understanding and knowing the footwear market and the common lower limb injuries in different sports as best as possible to improve his treatment outcomes for patients. Appreciating the unique movements and environments in which different sports are played, and the importance of accommodating these requirements.


Alongside his work experience, Yoni has completed a graduate certificate in Medical and Health Leadership at University of Wollongong in 2022..


Fantastic experiance with Will Joyce. I have had issues with my knee for many years and was struggling to train for a marathon, However Will was attentaive and patient and after following his training advice I got to full fitness & ran a personal best. Highly recommend.

 Jack Hogan / Marathon Runner 

Members Of:
The royal college of podiatry
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