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BUPA Podiatry cover

What you need to do before the appointment:

Procedure codes:

  • Please ensure you have gained a pre-authorization code from BUPA

  • Check whether your policy has excess as this will be payable to the clinic after billing is complete

  • You may require a Consultant or doctor referral before gaining an authorization code.

  • Please note that BUPA does not cover orthotics or any medical devices including medication or splints.​

Please call BUPA on 03456 090 111 or use their live messaging by visiting

BUPA is billed directly from the clinic and you will receive remittance in the post and or any excess that is due to the clinic. 

BUPA International:

Patients will need to pay directly to the clinic and claim reimbursement through BUPA International using the invoice that is provided at the clinic.​

BUPA Global:

The invoice will be directly sent to Please ensure you have your policy number and Authorisation Code for billing.

Please note that if BUPA does NOT cover the cost of the consultation fees, The Functional Podiatrist will send you an invoice via email to be paid within 14 days of receipt.

BUPA procedure codes and provider numbers:


Procedure codes:

  • BUPA Biomechanical / Advanced Gait Analysis: AA365

  • BUPA Initial Consultation: AA145

  • BUPA Follow-Up Consultation: AA641

  • BUPA Nail Surgery Wedge Excision  AA628

William Joyce - 85020376

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