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AVIVA Insurance – What you need to know:


Please  prior to attending your consultation:

  • AVIVA requires you to gain a pre-authorization number prior to the appointment

  • Understand your policy and if you have an excess this will be payable to The Functional Podiatrist

  • You can call  AVIVA on 0800 068 3827 or if you are already a member you can log in here at AVIVA Login

  • They may require a referral from a Consultant/GP prior to referral

  • Aviva does not cover dressings, medications, or orthotics. These may be extra and your Podiatrist will discuss prices during the appointment.

  • Contact AVIVA if you have any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending.  The Functional Podiatrist cannot speak to your insurance company, this has to be done by the policy maker. 

  • It is imperative and your responsibility that you notify AVIVA before any consultation otherwise they may not cover the consultation fees. 

  • If AVIVA fails to cover your consultation fees, The Functional Podiatrist will send you an invoice to be paid within 30 days

AVIVA Procedure codes for podiatrists:

  • AVIVA Initial Consultation: No code required

  • AVIVA follow up a consultation: No code required

  • AVIVA Advanced Analysis / Gait Analysis: No code required

  • AVIVA nail surgery: S7010

  • AVIVA Local anesthesia: AC100

Podiatrist provider numbers:

William Joyce - 600080572

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