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Orthotics / Insoles 

Should orthotics be deemed necessary, we offer a selection of medical devices designed to cater to your specific needs and financial considerations. Our expert team can recommend basic orthotics, adapted orthotics, or customised foot orthoses, tailored to your unique requirements. During your consultation, our specialists will thoroughly discuss your individual needs and provide clarity on the associated costs.

Semi Bespoke £225.00
  • In our orthotic laboratory, we utilise a prefabricated shell that can be molded to enhance comfort.

  • We incorporate posting (wedging) and other adjustments to rectify foot function.

  • These orthotics are produced using softer materials and typically remain effective for 12 month to 18 months, depending on usage and the amount of force applied.

  • It is important to note that follow-up appointments are not part of the orthotic pricing.

Fully Customised Orthotic including casting  £370.00 
  • We start by taking a 3D cast of your feet, which is then sent to a professional laboratory.

  • The orthotics CAD CAM designed and are constructed using specialised materials like carbon fiber that can retain their shape and support for 2-4 years, and sometimes even longer.

  • These custom-made orthotics can be fashioned into any shape and size to enhance shoe fitting and provide better control of your feet and can be designed for dress shoes, sports devices, and accommodative devices.

  • We use advanced materials for top covers/additions and wedging, such as memory foam, ultra vinyl, and synthetic leather (known for their durability).

  • As these orthotics are made directly from a cast of your feet using a professional manufacturing process, they are tailored to correct your individual mechanics and improve foot function.

  • Please be aware that there are different pricing options for Child Orthoses. Some insoles additional pairs of orthotics within 3 months, are eligible for a discount

What is the purpose of orthoses, and will they be necessary for me?

Once we complete an advanced gait analysis, we'll thoroughly discuss our findings and the steps needed to address your specific concerns. Orthotics are passive devices designed to mitigate forces and correct issues related to foot and lower limb function, ultimately influencing the body's kinetic dynamics. At The Functional Podiatrist, our approach involves educating patients about their movement patterns and incorporating orthotics as a complementary component of therapy.

Foot orthotics can be employed to rectify irregularities in gait timing, the distribution of forces across joints, or the overloading of tissues. Importantly, they are always prescribed alongside a comprehensive exercise rehabilitation program aimed at rectifying flawed movement patterns.

Details about our custom or semi-bespoke orthotic packages, including appointment expenses, casting procedures, and orthotic production, can be found in our "Insurance and Fee" section. We prioritise the use of top-quality orthotics to ensure long-lasting results.


Regarding insurance coverage, it's essential to note that medical devices are generally not covered in the UK. However, some international insurance providers may offer coverage for such expenses. We recommend checking with your insurance provider before your appointment to clarify your coverage options.

Please if you have any further questions ​contact our team on 02035760630 or send us an email at 

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