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What are corns?

There is a wide range of sorts of corns that occur on the feet.  They can be extremely agonizing and are found between the toes, on top of the toes, or on the lower part of your feet. Corns are fundamentally brought about by pressure and friction occurring to the skin on the feet.

They can be found any place on the feet but are normally found on the toe and forefoot. They appear as little structure of hard or soft skin which can look yellow and stained. Normally corn can be seen on the outside of the little toe or in the middle of the fourth and fifth toes. These are principally brought about by footwear adding strain onto the skin. They can be extremely excruciating and limit walking or sport.


What should I do if I think I have corns?

It is crucial to have your feet checked by an HCPC Podiatrist who will be able to diagnose the issue accurately from other issues such as verrucae, fungus, and other basic issues. It is vital to have your feet checked before the corns become agonizing as sometimes the pressure of corn leads to the breakdown of the underlying skin and ulceration or infection. 

How can our team help you?

After an initial consultation, we will talk about your treatment choice viable to you. Normally the corn will be reduced to reduce pressure. This is normally painless and is very effective at stopping the pain. We then can use padding and or help with footwear advice and self-treatment to help prevent the reoccurrence of the corn.

The different treatment options will be discussed and a treatment plan will be outlined to you. We strive to educate the patient and provide them with the tools to stay injury-free. 


If you would like to book an appointment please click the link or call us on 01748883069

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