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What is callus/hard skin?

Thickened, hard skin patches are usually painless, but they can cause difficulty wearing shoes, standing, walking, or running comfortably.

All thickened, hard skin patches are caused by friction. (things that add things to other things) can include poor footwear choices, long hours standing at work, athletic activities, circulatory issues, and (a disease where blood sugar swings wildly).


Some people - especially runners - feel that thickened, hard skin patches can be an aid, but most foot doctors recommend their removal. It can be tempting to pick at a thickened, hard skin or try an at-home method of thickened, hard skin removal, but removing a thickened, hard skin is a job for your foot doctor.


Your podiatrist is a medical expert and the best-qualified doctor to address any conditions affecting your feet, ankles, or lower legs. Your podiatrist has many methods with which to remove your thickened, hard skin. The most common is a surgical blade. As the skin in your thickened, hard skin is dead, this will not hurt. After removal, custom orthotics, prescribed and given by your podiatrist, can help prevent your thickened, hard skin from returning.

What should I do if I think I have hard skin /callus?

It is vital to have your feet checked by a HcPC Podiatrist.  There are different types of difficult hard skin bumps like Verrucae, corn, Fungal diseases, or bacterial contaminations. You might need to attempt to record the skin and cream the region utilizing an emollient, for example, CCS cream.

How can our team help you?

After an underlying consultation, we will examine your treatment choices. Insensitive can be overseen by eliminating the hard skin with a clean sharp edge and smoothing the region with documents. A normal podiatry treatment ought to be sans torment and quick help will be felt after treatment of difficult callosities.  After your treatment, you will be given additional data to work on the general well-being of your feet. Our foot expert group is accessible to treat your feet, deal with your side effects and furnish you with progressing care, as required.

The different treatment options will be discussed and a treatment plan will be outlined to you. We strive to educate the patient and provide them with the tools to stay injury-free. 


If you would like to book an appointment please click the link or call us on 01748883069

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