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"Say Goodbye to Shin Splints: Latest Treatments Explained by The Functional Podiatrist"

As a Functional Podiatrist, I specialise in treating shin splints, a common injury experienced by athletes and runners, particularly those involved in high-impact activities. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) is the medical term for shin splints, which refers to the pain and discomfort that occurs along the inner edge of the tibia or shin bone.

My approach to treating MTSS involves a combination of various techniques, such as rest, exercise modification and prescription, custom-made orthotics, ice, and medication. My goal is to provide personalised treatment plans that help athletes and runners recover from MTSS and prevent future injuries.

Physical therapy is another essential part of my treatment plan for MTSS. I use a range of techniques to improve the biomechanics of the lower leg and foot, such as exercises to strengthen the muscles, improve range of motion, and correct movement patterns. I may also use massage, stretching, acupuncture and other manual therapies to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Custom-made orthotics can help correct foot mechanics and provide support, which can redistribute the pressure on the foot and reduce the stress on the lower leg. Orthotics also provide cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the impact on the shin bone and surrounding muscles, which can alleviate pain and improve mobility.

By combining orthotics and physical therapy, I can provide even greater benefits for individuals suffering from MTSS. Orthotics can support the foot and leg, while physical therapy can improve muscle strength and flexibility, promoting overall foot health. Together, these two treatment methods can help prevent future injuries and improve athletic performance.

At The Functional Podiatrist, I work with individuals to create personalised treatment plans for MTSS. Contact me today to schedule an appointment and learn how I can help you alleviate pain and improve your mobility.

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